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Naturerlebnis in Stamsried Bayern

DER BOTANISCHE LEHRPFAD / the Botanic nature trail

Botanischer Lehrpfad StamsriedThe nature park association "Oberer Bayerischer Wald" and the community of Stamsried planned and laid out the nature trail in 1975. It starts in the rear part of the castle park, directly behind the natural swimming pool. From there you walk up to the park wall and then immediately turn right towards Kirchbach. Passing a brownfield wet meadow, follow the signs.

On 16 large information boards, the nature areas, in particular the different flora around the locations of the signs, are described in detail in words and pictures. Reference is made to the special features of the soil and its formation. But also the agricultural use that is possible today is described. On a length of about 4 kilometres, the hiker who walks with open eyes over the botanical nature trail receives a wealth of information about wild plants and other botanical and geological features. It is only natural that the botanical nature trail is particularly varied and colourful during the spring months.

Beginning of the nature trail in the castle park.


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Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald Die Markterschließung Österreich wird von der Europäischen Union mit Mitteln aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung gefördert.