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Kraftweg Stamsried - Oberer Bayerischer Wald


Consciously recharge your batteries and accept what the Lord God and nature have given us.

Kraftweg in Stamsried Bayern

A total of 18 stations were built on the energy fields, discovered in 2006 when the castle park was restored to its natural state. These are located on topographical, geological and hydrological site conditions and are determined by the earth's magnetic field.

The architect Claudia Wanninger deliberately used ancient symbolic figures in the architectural design of the individual fields, as they can be found all over the world regardless of culture. Thus, for example, the stone circle, the labyrinth or the Weltenberg and the Weltensäule were created.

From the starting point 1 via points 2 to 5 you should arrive and try to let go of obsolete settings and thinking patterns. 6 to 8 should be used for the recollection of one's own energies. From 9 to 11, body, mind and spirit experience new forces.

Kraftweg im Barock-Schlosspark

At stations 12 to 14 one should experience the contact to his potential but not yet conscious traits and abilities. From 15 to 17 you can become aware of your own position in space and time. Station 18 is the destination of Omega. Here you should have found your way back to your individual existence and become aware of your original wholeness.

The visitor will find special, written exercise suggestions, tailored to the respective topic, at each station. The more he can get involved in the force field with their help, the more clearly he can recognize his own inner nature. How long you spend at each station is up to you to decide for yourself.

The power path is laid out in an area of the castle park, which is accessible to everyone at any time. The aim of the "Stamsrieder Kraftweg" is to regain inner balance, to stimulate fantasies and inspire new actions.

Enter into the adventure "Kraftweg Stamsried".


Zedernhof Gesundheits- & Wellnesshotel
Familie Heinz Pusl
Marktplatz 6, 93491 Stamsried

Tel. 0 94 66 / 3 26
Fax 0 94 66 / 10 99
E-Mail: info@hotel-zedernhof.de






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Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald Die Markterschließung Österreich wird von der Europäischen Union mit Mitteln aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung gefördert.