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Urlaub in Stamsried in Bayern

Am „Großen Stein"...

Am Großen Stein - Felsformation im Bayerischen Wald

… is called a rock formation in the vernacular, at which one passes automatically, one follows the signage "Botanical nature trail". This is an unusual, green rock formation covered with trees. When you enter this place, you feel like you're entering an enchanted world. Peculiarly shaped, weathered gneiss blocks, strangely twisted trees with peculiar growths, many of the boulders and trees overgrowth or entwined with ivy, an almost uncanny world that opens up to the wanderer. In addition, there is the unusual composition of the plant community, many of which are known as "radiation seekers".

Schautafel - Am Großen Stein Bayerischer WaldSome people experience an almost vertigo-like feeling. This phenomenon arises when the energy potential of a place differs considerably from that of its surroundings. Dowsers explain this by the fact that there are water veins, magnetic or radioactive substones or similar things in these places. The "Big Stone" has a different look to almost every visitor. But it is definitely a part of the "botanical nature trail". In this section, the geological and climatic contexts of our region are illustrated and explained on a display board.


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Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald

Bayerischer Wald Die Markterschließung Österreich wird von der Europäischen Union mit Mitteln aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung gefördert.